Firefly presents YO! summer salads

Come and savour the moment with Firefly and YO! ...

We have teamed up with the iconic sushi hotspot to bring you three new delicious salad bowls for the summer. 

Firefly is the is the perfect companion to these Summer Salas, boosted with botanicals and packing a punch in flavour. These delicious drinks are expertly crafted from still water, fruit juice, and blended with botanical extracts, giving the perfect combination of flavour, refreshment and elegance. 

Hungry yet? Choose between their Vegan Aubergine Poké, Zingy Salmon Courgetti, or Korean Chicken Bibimbap. Accompanied with our perfect pick-me-up, Peach & Green tea or our crisp kiwi refresher, Kiwi Lime & Mint. 

Aubergine Poké (Vegan)

Toasted aubergine, kaiso, pineapple salsa, avocado, crispy onions, carrots, and charred corn served with sesame maple dressing. Dished up with either sushi rice or courgetti.

Aubergine Poké (Vegan) with Firefly Drinks

Korean Chicken Bibimbap

Grilled chicken, sweet inari, kimchi, kaiso, pickled slaw, curried rice, topped with crunchy salad. Dressed with nori strips, spring onion and white sesame seeds. All dished up with fiery gouchujang dressing. If you ask to remove the chicken this dish is vegan

Korean Chicken Bibimbap with Firefly Drinks

Zingy Salmon Corgetti

Poached salmon dished up with courgetti, sugar snaps, charred corn and shredded cos lettuce topped with cress, served with citrus miso ginger dressing to drizzle. 

Zingy Salmon Corgetti With Firefly Drinks

YO! summer salads and Firefly drinks are now available to order in store or take-away at your local YO! store, or order online at